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I work to make the internet funnier and videogame discussion smarter. I've spent my career at the videogame company Nintendo and the internet humor network Cheezburger. I currently work at Warner Bros for The CW.

This is where I keep the stuff I make. I also have a Twitter and a Tumblr. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Title: “Magic Phone”
    Released: October 2014
    Primary Duties: Co-Writer, Co-Director, Editor, Camera, Actor

    Magic Phone started in 2002, when Nathan Smith and I wrote and shot two 22-minute episodes of a Magic Phone sitcom as our final college project. We were lucky enough to cast our friend Curtis Retherford in the role of Ron, a character whose whole life revolves around the phone calls he makes with his Magic Phone.

    In the summer of 2014, eleven years after completing the original Magic Phone episodes, Curtis came to visit me in L.A., and we decided to revisit the concept. This time, instead of using bad fake mustaches to show a Ron in a different time-period, we used the original 2003 footage of Curtis. We wrote and shot new “present-day” phone calls so he could interact with that old footage. It was a really interesting writing and directing challenge, and I’m really happy with the final film.

  • Title: “Sunset Overdrive E3 Mural"
    Release Date: June 2013
    Client: SA Studios/Insomniac Games/Microsoft
    Primary Duties: Director, Camera, Editor

    This is a video I shot and cut for marketing company SA Studios for Insomniac/Microsoft’s new X-Box One game “Sunset Overdrive.” It’s behind the scenes of a mural painting for the game at Meltdown Comics. The mural was produced as part of a scavenger hunt timed with the announcement of the game at E3.

    I shot this with my Canon T3i and a GoPro for the time-lapse. It was a lot of fun to work with the street artists and the guys at SA Studios.

  • Title: “Glass Half Horse”
    Released: August 2012 and July 2014
    Primary Duties: Co-Writer, Co-Director, Voice-Over, Editor, Camera

    I shot the first Glass Half Horse film over the course of two days in my hometown of Shelton, Washington. I had drunkenly ordered one of those horse masks late one night, and wanted to do something with it. My writing partner and I brainstormed a bunch of scenes, concepts, and one-liners, then we filmed everything we could think of. We had a skeleton of a story, but the details were born in the editing room.

    Two years later, we revisited the same concept, shot a bunch of new footage, and tried to tell a new chapter in the horse’s life. While Glass Half Horse Part I has the horse dealing with issues he has with his mother, Part II tackles his abusive father.

    These are a blast to make, and I hope we can make more in the future.

  • Title: Meltdown Flashback - Grant Morrison Interview - Free Comic Book Day 2012
    Release Date: April 2013
    Primary Duties: Director, Editor, Camera

    This interview was originally filmed as part of an unreleased pilot for a Meltdown Comics web show that I was directing. A year later, I shot a new intro for it and released it as a promotion for their Free Comic Book Day.

    Not included in this clip is when Grant Morrison recorded a clip for my roommate’s alarm clock saying, “Wake up, Katherine. WAKE UP!”

  • Title: “Meltdown Flashback - Guillermo del Toro Interview - Free Comic Day 2012”
    Release Date: April 2013
    Primary Duties: Director, Camera, Editor

    This interview was originally filmed as part of an unreleased pilot for a Meltdown Comics web show that I was directing. A year later, I shot a new intro for it and released it as a promotion for their Free Comic Book Day.

    After the cameras were off, I talked to Guillermo about that Insane game he was working on, obviously. 

  • Title: “John Roy Stand-Up Comedy - Ed Brubaker and Bucky Barnes”
    Release Date: April 2012
    Primary Duties: Camera, Editor, Special Effects

    I did a lot of coverage for the Avengers vs X-Men event for Meltdown Comics, and this is a highlight. Stand-Up comic John Roy asked me to upload this comic-themed set. I did a little extra work and added the comic-strip titles/framing, which still makes me smile.

  • Title: 35 Days of Kevin Eastman at Meltdown Comics - TMNT Mural
    Release Date: November 2011
    Primary Duties: Camera, Editor

    I shot and cut this piece for Meltdown Comics to show the behind the scenes work that went into making their TMNT mural. It was really cool to spend a few days with Ninja Turtles creator Kevin Eastman and graffiti artist Mark Bode.

  • Title: “Exclusive look at New Era / Marvel Avengers vs X-Men Cap”
    Release Date: March 2012
    Primary Duties: Director, Editor, Camera

    I shot and cut this promo for an event at Meltdown Comics. The turnaround from knowing I needed to do it to delivering it was like six hours, and I’m real happy with how it turned out.

  • Title: “Dear Videogames - Final Fantasy 13”
    Release Date: February 2013
    Primary Duties: Director, Writer, Actor, Editor

    In this new series, I write open-letters to videogames. The goal was to be concise but thoughtful, made quickly but with good production value. I was looking to exchange some of the comedy of my older videos to provide more thoughtful critique.

    More of this series can be seen on its own site: Dear Videogames

  • Title: “Gears of War 3 Epic Edition Unboxing”
    Release Date: September 2011
    Primary Duties: Director, Actor, Editor

    I received an advanced copy of the super special edition Gears of War 3 box, and created this unboxing video.

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